Our Building Permit and Surveying services include:

Premilinery Building Advice Ballarat

Preliminary Building Advice

The advantage of seeking Preliminary Servicing Advice (PSA), is that you are able to obtain knowledge of relevant issues in order to make informed decisions regarding the development, therefore potentially reducing costs and avoiding possible delays.

Each request needs to be reviewed and is based on the complexity of the request and the unique servicing circumstances involved. A formal response is provided to you once an application has been made for the development proposal.

Please note: PSA’s are valid for a period of 3 months from the date of issue; this is due to potential changes to our technical requirements and servicing arrangements unique to that site.

Building Regulatory Advice

Building Regulatory Advice

Daville Building Surveying offers a fast and personalised service to those seeking building approvals for their project. We are fully conversant with the local council requirements and we pride ourselves on the delivery of superior and prompt customer service at a competitive rate.

We will ensure that you are provided with accurate technical expertise and ensure that your building certification matters are dealt with in a speedy timeframe thus preventing expensive and costly delays.